Girls Love Ponies clothing and accessories
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About Girls Love Ponies clothing and accessories

We are a family run business, aiming to supply our customers with high-quality, ethically-sourced clothes and accessories, all with fabulous horse and pony themes and designs.

We strive to provide the very highest level of customer satisfaction and we welcome all feedback about our products and service.

We want to be as open and honest as possible about where our product range comes from and why we have chosen particular businesses to work with and so we have tried to provide information that we hope is interesting, relevant and useful to all our customers.  If, however, we have missed anything out, or you have any questions at all, then please feel free to contact us - we really want to know what our customers think about Girls Love Ponies so we can keep on making it bigger and better!  

The inspiration for our girls' clothing range

The idea for our pony clothing business came from a visit to the British Show Jumping Championships at Birmingham several years ago - a treat for our daughters - who love horses and ponies!  Although there was a vast range of merchandise available for sale, most of this was either for the horses or the riders.  There was very little in the way of clothing for girls who may not be riders, but simply love anything to do with horses.

When we started to look around for a range of clothing with attractive pony designs, we found that very few companies were making or selling girls' clothes with pony or horse themes in mind. So we decided to create our own range of quality girl's clothing and accessories, all printed or embroidered to a really high standard, and all featuring unique, appealing and colourful pony/horse designs.  

We know that girls love clothes and we know that girls love horses and ponies - so the Girls Love Ponies brand and products will appeal to everyone who has been looking for attractive, quality garments and accessories for all girls out there who are pony lovers!

We plan to expand our range constantly, with new and exciting designs and product ranges becoming available all the time.  If you have any suggestions or requests for particular clothing items or pony/horse designs, we would love to hear from you.  We hope to be able to offer a bespoke clothing production service - so if you have a special design that you would like to see on a T shirt, hoodie or other item of clothing, we are very happy to discuss your requirements, to enable you to have that unique pony design on your own clothing!

The prinicples behind our girls' pony design clothing

Where our garments and accessories come from is very important to us.  We believe in sourcing all our clothes from suppliers who can provide the right assurances that all the clothing we use is fairly-traded, including appropriate certification.  Our business seeks to be as 'green' as possible and we search for suppliers who share our environmentally-responsible approach.  We believe in supporting and working in partnership with local businesses wherever possible, as this helps to achieve our 'green' aims.  It also keeps our costs lower and benefits our local community where we live.

You can find out more about our clothing supply ethics and our environmental policy by clicking on the links to take you to the relevant pages.  There are also links to our supply partners' websites which give further details about fair-trade, ethical and environmentally responsible accreditations.

Clothing ranges by other designers

We aim to bring you the widest range and most appealing clothing designs and accessories.  We have chosen to feature clothing and other products from carefully-selected UK companies that we feel complement our own brand and style of clothing products and that all share our beliefs in fairly-traded and ethical sourcing and production methods.  There are links to all the websites available on the Our Partners page.  If there are any ranges or brands that you would like to see featured, please let us know - we are committed to providing what our customers want!

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