Girls Love Ponies clothing and accessories
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The Girls Love Ponies philosophy

At Girls Love Ponies, we like to conduct our business in a responsible way

This covers many aspects of our business:

  • Ethical sourcing of garments - we only ever use clothing items that have been manufactured in a socially responsible way.  We use established suppliers that can provide garments that all have appropriate accreditation.  Examples are WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Apparel Production), Fair Labor Association and Confidence in Textiles.  These organisations provide assurance that our clothes have been produced in factories that provide fair working conditions for their employees - so you can be sure that when you buy an item of clothing from Girls Love Ponies, it has been manufactured by a company that treats its employees fairly and takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously.  More details about the specific principles that each organisation promotes can be found on their respective websites.  
  • Reducing and preventing waste - we aim to minimise the carbon footprint of our business in everything we do.  For example, all our delivery notes are printed on high-quality, fully recycled paper (from a British business that specialises in environmentally-friendly office products).  We package our deliveries in the smallest possible containers and all our packaging is both recycled and recyclable. We fully recycle all our own waste in the office, such as paper and plastic.  The colourful tags that come attached to our clothing have been printed on recycled card, using vegetable-based inks, and strung with either recycled string or string that has been re-used.
  • Working with local suppliers and businesses wherever possible.  We like to support local business - because it makes good business sense, saves us money and helps the environment.  For example, by using local embroidery and printing businesses to customise our plain garments with our fabulous and unique designs, this means we only have to travel a few miles to collect samples or collect orders - saving money on fuel costs and less carbon emissions to harm the environment.

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